Why Do We Love Animals So Much?

Why Do We Love Animals So Much

Nature of human
Well, humans are animals too. and for real animals, there is a big difference between humans and animals. 1. Because of nature Every human has the same origin and all the people belong to the same species, and that’s us. 2. Because of food and this is the most obvious reason that we love animals. and we can’t live without food. and animals can provide us with food. 3. Because of sex We humans are animals too, and we also have a love for animals. 4. Because of pleasure and the other reason is why we love animals. and in our mind is the pleasure of the activity. 5. Because of power They can also give us power in our minds. we can get rid of our loneliness in the same way. 6. Because of affection They also share affection with us. and they also love us.

They are cute
Every small animal is cute. The world was made for animals. They need us We need them for food and for protection. They are God’s creation Animals are the creation of God. He created us for his pleasure, even if the animals need us for food. God said He created everything for his pleasure God said he made the animals, plants, and humans for pleasure. God created everything in the universe Everything is created by God. The sun and moon are created by God. The water and the air we breathe are created by God. All animals are important He created birds to fly, fish to swim, sheep to give milk, and the like. They do not belong to us, but to God Even if we own them, these animals were given to us by God for our use. This is why they are called ”blessed”.

They are funny
Animals are funny. They do not speak or anything like that. We laugh when we see a dog laugh or he looks silly. This is something that we have in us. There are things that we don’t understand, but we know it’s funny and we laugh because of it. Their expressions are cute A dog or a cat looks cute. They have expressions that we are not able to express to others. We know their expressions and it is cute. They make us feel good Animals are a kind of food for humans. It does not mean that they are our food. If we have a good time with them then we can get away with anything in life. When we are sad we can share our problems with animals and they will help us to forget about them. They love to play Animals love to play. Even if it’s a little bit they are happy when they are playing.

They are intelligent
Animals have intelligence. They are smart. You can read more about their intelligence in this article. They Are Curious If you touch something you don’t understand, they are going to freak out. We love this, it’s true. They Are Intelligent They do different things and different interests. And we love them for this. They Are Warm Animals are very intelligent and they are warm at the same time. They do not judge. They Help Us Some birds are for feeding, some are for pollination. And so on. They help us. They Make Us Happy They make us happy. And they are smart. They Treat Us Better Than Humans We love animals more than we love humans, and the reason is pretty simple. Animals love us back, without expectations and their love is unconditional. They Attract Us They are cute.


They are good for our health
They are clean and our food. They are free. And the raw meat is not as cheap as animals and fish. But the quality of beef and other meat has decreased. On the one side, they are more important in our lives and we can enjoy them at the table. They are fun to watch They are playful and funny, they are charming and people also love to spend time with them. they are good for travel. They bring pleasure They are sweet, sometimes funny, and cute. People love to spend time with them and play with them. They are not dangerous to touch them, not dangerous to get close to them and also play with them. They are selfless They love the ones they love. A lot of them are here for their friends and family. They never show anger or frustration.

They are good for the environment
Animals have a vital role in the environment, and they are much better at conserving water than we are. They also help to control pollution by eating rubbish and sending it to the landfill. When we start to go for a vegetarian diet and grow veggie gardens we are doing our part to save the environment. They care for the sick Animals don’t care for themselves. They will move to the sick person and lick them. Animals will do this even if they don’t know that they are sick, or who the sick person is. When we walk by animals, even when they are not looking, we can feel the pity and the love of an animal. When we have some cats or dogs we can feel that love. When we have a sick member of our family we can offer comfort to them and help them feel better.

Without plants and animals on the planet earth, there is no life. Thus, it is not appropriate to separate humans from nature. At the same time, we must also recognize the value of nature, in order to protect it and to ensure the survival of humans as well as animal species.


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