Who is Mr. Bone Monkey?

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Bone Monkey

Who is Mr. Bone Monkey?

Mr. Bone is a male macaque monkey who lives on the outskirts of the Amber troop. He was an intruder during Eugene and Harold’s November 2017 loss of power to King Kong and Donkey. He lived apart from the group until Dec 2018, when King Mark/Mak assumed power. He began to follow the new King. He was initially afraid of people. Bone initially feared people. But he soon became comfortable with them.

Mr. Bone was also a very kind monkey. He would visit Skinny man, who lived near Bayon Temple’s forest. He was also known to play with the males of Amari Troop, Jack and Joey, Brutus Jr., Donnie, Sweetpea, and Joey. But Mr. Bone was the front soldier for the Amber troop, just like Chimo and Sankra, Santra, or Luka. King Mark/Mak was fighting alongside Rolls-Royce, and King Mark dismissed Roy from the group. Roy was wounded and ashamed, so he went to the hospital. Roy recovered from his injuries a few months later in February 2020. Bone convinced Roy to join Amber Troop. Monkey politics! Mr. Roy was convinced to fight by Bone when Bone woke him up in the morning. With their plan in place, two brave warriors climbed the temple wall together to fight the soldiers from the Amber group.


Roy whispered to him when they reached the top of the temple. Bone promised to help Bone fight in the group, and they will be King. The battle immediately begins! During hostilities with warriors of Amber troop, such as Aesop and Loki, Vinnie. Chimo. Luca. Sankra. Alpha females Daisy. King Mark/Mak hadn’t yet fallen from the tree as it was too early for him to get up. The life of luxury for a King. The struggle went on and Mr. Bone and Roy appeared to be close to winning the battle. Roy was very afraid of King Mark/Mak and turned to catch him. Bone refused to let him go so King Mark/Max could bite him. Everybody bit Mr. All the males biting Mr. until he nearly died. Mr. He was scared and hurt, so he fled for his life. However, all soldiers continue to follow him.

Sochhun, the cameraman, stopped the monkeys once they were on the ground and saved Mr. Bone was sentenced to death. Mr. Rolls-Royce betrayed Bone and nearly killed him. Roy did this to hope King Mak would accept him as his friend. Roy tricked Mr. Bone, the monkey policy. After the battle, Mr. Bone left the Amber Troop for around two weeks to heal himself. After he was healed, Bone returned to the troop and now lives outside the group. Jessie is convinced Mr. Bone will be king. Mr. Bone ruled for three days. Sankra noticed that Bone had beautiful girls and began fighting with him. Bone suffered injuries to his mouth, hands, and lips. For almost a week, he could only walk on his two legs. Mr. Bone is loved by the Amari girls group. Bone is a true friend to the babies, so they don’t banish him from their group. Mr. Bone has been asking Sankra for his spot in the troop. He might be buying his time, but it is possible. A special thanks to Sochhun Ley for sharing this story with me and trusting that I would tell it.

Written by Sochhun Ley and Laura Tannehill


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