The Best Tech Tips and Tricks You Wish You Knew

The Best Tech Tips and Tricks You Wish You Knew

The Best Tech Tips and Tricks You Wish You Knew

1. Android Phone Apps
Android has come up with many applications like Android Pay, Android Calculator, Android Calculator Tile, Aromas, Any Trans, Bixby Keyboard, Bubble Up, Google Home, Google Assistant, Lyft, Uber, stat Menus, 1Password, Apple ARK it, Pokémon Go, and Google Arcoren. 2. Hostelry You can block unwanted advertisements, advertisements that block your feed, advertisers, social media tools, and apps that track you, the app that stops all these unwanted apps from making money from you, and other unwanted apps. 3. Mute Alarms Do not wake up the people in your house with an alarm clock in the morning. Just mute it before going to bed so that you can sleep longer. 4. Parrot AR Drone the Parrot AR Drone is a very good drone for a simple flying experience.

2. How to Fix a Slow Computer
When your computer is slow and you don’t know how to fix it, all you can do is hang on the edge of the sofa and cry and hope that the computer will start working. Well, that can never happen, right? As I said in the first tip, some people have little to no knowledge about basic things. So, to save you from complete agony, I have included the best tutorials to fix a slow computer. 3. How to Make Your Apple iPhone Better Do you know that you have your iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, or iPhone 5S in your pocket? Well, you don’t. You should. You could actually make your iPhone better, so don’t be afraid to experiment with it. There are lots of things you can try, so do it, and the more you try, the better it will get. 4. How to Turn on Apple TV I have nothing against Apple TV.


3. How to Remove a Virus
Is your computer having some problems with a virus and malware? Let me help you and explain to you the ways to clean virus infected system, and in the process, you will be saved from any kind of trouble. And, in case you are getting bombarded with emails or attachments and files, here’s how you can remove them and you can enjoy all the email and file transfer services to your email account at a quick speed. 4. How to Make Your Own Silent Sounding Bed Getting sleep is really important if you want to be healthy. So, make your room silent with some simple steps that I would like to share with you in this article. Check out this link and read about what we are going to do. 5. How to Increase Memory The people that you love and care for need you more than anything else.

4. How to Unlock a Phone
In this article, we will teach you about how you can unlock a cell phone using a code. 5. How to Disable the Wi-Fi in Android In this article, we will teach you how to disable the Wi-Fi in Android so that you do not always have to visit your Wi-Fi hotspot. 6. How to Update a Phone Without Rooting In this article, we will teach you how you can update your phone without rooting it. 7. How to Quickly disable Facebook and Twitter In this article, we will teach you how to quickly disable Facebook and Twitter. 8. How to Make Google Music Go Offline In this article, we will teach you how to make Google Music go offline so that you can enjoy your music without the need for the internet. 9.

It is time to introduce some modern and very useful ways to know your PC’s configuration, monitoring the system temperatures, and checking if your memory is running too hot. With this great tool, I don’t mean the usual thermal camera that you use on your smartphone or that of your PC. The basic model is a little different than a thermal camera. The beauty of this method is that it can detect the temperature level without opening the case. Just download the free software in order to monitor the system, and from now on, you can monitor your system temperatures, system memory and also identify any irregular behavior on your system that is impacting your performance.


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