Technology Trends That Will Shape the Future

Technology Trends That Will Shape the Future

Technology Trends That Will Shape the Future

The Future of Artificial Intelligence
The next phase of development in Artificial Intelligence is the evolution of Deep Learning. This type of system can recognize patterns, activities, or objects better than we humans can do. The innovative programs are providing interesting jobs like becoming doctors, finding cancer in images, offering business opportunities, understanding human behavior, and more. In case you are looking for the best AI Companies, here’s the list. 1. IBM 2. Google 3. Facebook 4. Microsoft 5. Apple 6. Amazon 7. Deep Mind 8. Sound Hound 9. Congregate 10. Narrative Science 11. Baidu 12. Alibaba 13. 14. CrowdFlower 15. Cognizant 16. Watson Foundation 17. Eclipse Che 18. Echo Nest 19. Google Trends 20. 21. Little Babyface 22. Accenture 23. Alchemy AI 24. Nano surf 25.

Tech Trends That Will Shape the Future
Technology is evolving each and every day and some changes we notice. So, let’s discover and analyze some of the most important tech changes that are going to take place and influences people in a positive way. 1. Augmented Reality (AR) is a great way to connect people across the globe and to live together by sharing the same experience. The technology is very easy to use. Your smartphone camera can take photos, videos, and documents. This photo is a perfect example of AR. How to use it: You need a smartphone and an app. Just go to Snapchat and create an account. Use the QR code to scan to open the app. If you like this example, use your finger and your brain to the camera to select the different types of AR. Instagram users have already started using this feature.


The Future of Social Media
Facebook is going to be a big part of human life in the next decade. According to recent reports, Facebook made a $40 billion profit in 2017, which was the highest one-year profit in the history of social media. Social media is considered to be an important part of this economy. Facebook has more than 2 billion users and is profitable by the way. Facebook is investing billions in artificial intelligence as it aims to turn it into a new language of humans. Facebook recently bought a company called Mimecast for $850 million. The aim of this acquisition is to provide full security to its customer’s sensitive data. Also, Facebook is constantly working on adding new features to its social media such as Farmville clones, Slingshot, Gifts, and even live shows.

Technology Trends We Can Expect to See in The Future
The rise of artificial intelligence is the way forward and it is one of the latest technologies in the market today. With the application of AI in everyday lives, people will soon not even need to think of or understand complex algorithms and it will make simple life simpler for us. The amazing supercomputing capabilities We are living in an era of rapid developments in technology. The future is just around the corner and it is already here and we are just losing our minds. The world’s most powerful supercomputers can already process over 20,000 trillion calculations in one second. The next time you consider your smartphone as a powerful supercomputer, you might be surprised to know how things could be.

These days, almost everyone is focused on staying safe and managing internet activities. The Internet has been a key part of our daily lives and it is hard to imagine our existence without it. The Internet gives us the freedom to connect, interact, share and learn about new things. By having such a wide range of online information, we make our lives more convenient. The ability to access the internet with ease has changed the whole concept of social networks. We are now able to share our information at any time and anywhere using the internet. Read Also: The Ultimate Secrets of Microsoft Xbox One Consoles You can now have an online account without providing personal information or not being personally attached to a particular social network.


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