Sweetpea Monkey is looking for Joey and Drew

Sweetpea Monkey

Sweetpea Monkey is looking for Joey and Drew

Drew and Joey, World-Famous Sweetpeas are Looking for Joey! Sweetpea Loves Them!

Sweet Pea, an Amari Troop Long-Tailed Macaque is missing his former playmates. Sweet Pea is searching for Joey, Drew, and Drew who have left their natal troop as male macaques.

Sweetpea’s History and His Friends

Sweet Pea and Joey were both born at the same time and grew up together. They were best friends! Drew, Joey’s older brother, and Sweet Pea were more like frienemies. Drew would get mad at Sweet Pea for eating too much, and Drew would try to get Drew into trouble by squealing at Drew. Sweet Pea is a very entertaining character and a fan favorite! Sweet Pea wants Drew and Joey, as Drew and Joey are brothers. Brothers often go with their natal troops when male macaques leave. Drew and Joey were separated by their mother Merry last year. Joey was an orphan so he left earlier than normal. But don’t worry!


Long-tailed male macaques

The troop consists of male baby monkeys and juveniles. They are called “Playboys” by many. Mothers will be able to sit together, kiss, groom, and watch their babies play. As babies get older, they start to venture further away from their moms. The males spend the majority of their time together, even after they have been weaned. They leave their natal troop when they reach 3-4 years old and seek out a troop that can allow them to breed. They will often move to nearby troops the first time they change. They will change their troops every 2 to 3 years. Sometimes brothers leave together.

Sweet Pea is still looking for Joey or Drew, but I believe they will meet again. Rest easy, World-Famous Sweet Pea!

Written by Cindy Clark


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