Cute Monkey Baby Names

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Cute Monkey Baby Names
The cute monkey is always a favorite, but how about for a naming project. Monkeys make great pets and they are fun to care for too. Cute Monkey names are one of the more popular choices, but it is not the only one. If you think of the Monkey, you may also be thinking of a Monkey costume, stuffed monkey toys, or even the famous quote, “The first look is all you have.” It is always fun to think of ourselves as kids again after we have grown old and have had many changes in our looks and interests.

Some of the popular baby names for Baby Monkey include the Gaelic name of Fiona, French name Gaucho, German name Glaucoma, and Amino. The Hawaiian and Samoan names of monkeys are G Willow, Mango, and Kaula. The Chinese name of a pet monkey is Hong Kong, while the Samoan name of monkeys is Cute Monkey. If you are from Hawaii and you would like your monkey’s name to reflect the exoticism of that region, you could call him or her Honua. Another idea that is very popular in Hawaii is the spelling of Monkey, which is Honor.

Monkey names come in so many varieties that it is hard to list them all. Many people prefer a name that is just short and sweet, such as Mylo. Others want their monkey to have a unique sound, like Baby’s Rooster. Yet others are more sophisticated, such as Cute Monkey. Naming a monkey after your pet one of your own will be a great personalized gift for your child or future child. The best part about choosing these unique names for your monkey is that they are extremely cute and fun.

When choosing a name, you will have to take into consideration the gender of your child as well. Babies are referred to as boys and girls are referred to as girls, so choose a name accordingly. Once you have all of these items in hand, you can begin searching the web for a name. Keep in mind that you can go to various websites and type in different names and see what comes up, but it may not be as easy to search through the many sites online.


Naming your pet something related to your family tree is a great way to start. This can be accomplished by finding names of relatives that you share some of your genes with. For example, if you have a great-uncle who was a monkey that fighting off pirates, you could come up with a name like Banjo, which relates to his habit of jumping on top of ships. He may not seem like the type to be a good candidate for names, but when you look at his pirate-fighting ancestors, he might come up quite a bit.

Cute Monkey is one of those names that will always be a hit. You will often hear children calling the baby monkey Chunky Monkey. When you hear this name, you can’t help but imagine a little monkey chunky enjoying a piece of chocolate cake. While it is possible that Chunky Monkey has had a baby, Chunky Monkey is probably just a nickname, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much time naming the new baby Chunky. Chunky, on the other hand, would be a more appropriate name for a baby monkey.

Another name that can be a popular choice is Monkey Mom. This name is very cute, and it describes a certain personality that a mom would have. For example, a baby girl named Honey could easily have a name such as Honey Bun. The mother’s character is similar to that of a Bun; however, she is much cuter and is usually portrayed by a female baby doll.

Some parents don’t agree with my choices for names. In the past, I have had people call my son Kipper. When Kipper was really young, he was known simply as Kipper. Some parents feel that it’s better to let the child decide the name. If that’s how you feel, then I respect your opinion. However, most people I know prefer Cute Monkey to Kipper.


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