Animal Instinct: Our Intuitive Connection to Animals

Animal Instinct

Animal Instinct: Our Intuitive Connection to Animals

Animal Instinct Explained
A teacher once said that “Man has almost a universal tendency toward obedience, that is why he’s one of the few primates who don’t regard animals as mere objects.” I agree, and I believe that we possess many of the same characteristics as dogs and horses. After all, it’s quite amazing how similar we are in almost all aspects – although we’re obviously much more complicated than any other species on earth. Whether it’s a dominant behavior, domestication, dog aggression, or other behaviors, animals demonstrate a great sense of sensitivity and understand certain behaviors and attitudes – which ultimately teach us valuable lessons. Not only that, it is important to know how to react in a positive way, whether it be with your pet or a stranger – all of the above are part of animal instinct.

The Connection to Animals
The most intriguing thing is that animals in some way are connected with us, and we are in some way connected to them. As in the past, people used to hunt and destroy animals, today as, in the past, some people simply like to hunt and kill animals and birds. In this connection, animals (large or small) can sometimes move or appear in our surroundings. One can sometimes also see them nearby. Even if some animals are not likely to appear in our environment, nonetheless, many animals usually move around quite a bit. Pig head is popular as a kind of spiritual charm However, we also live in a world where there are much social turmoil and people often struggle with sickness and hardship.

Animals and Spirituality
Throughout history, our cultures have always known that animals possess spiritual attributes. They are the sacred caretakers of creation and like all other human beings share a certain spirit. The belief that animals have souls stems from a Christian-Judaic Jewish amalgamation of original mythologies. Pagan art and culture were heavily influenced by the religion of Neolithic and early Bronze Age people. Pictograms of the afterlife, which included trees with mythological characters carved on them, were found carved on Neolithic pottery. These “boundary stones” were identified as trees and were in all likelihood carved for the purposes of giving souls the ability to travel between worlds.


Animals and Sleep
I have stated in several articles, that animals sleep as well as we humans. Indeed, “animals sleep as well as humans” as there is evidence to prove. In a study conducted on the sleep of baby bunnies, researchers found that the onset of non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep in newborn rabbits occurred within seconds of birth. The baby bunnies remained asleep in their mother’s nests for the first three months of their lives. Further studies were conducted on the sleeping behavior of newborn mice. Researchers found that mother mice sleep when the babies sleep. It was established that the change in the duration and magnitude of NREM sleep depended on the experimental condition. In the case of the babies, the onset of NREM sleep was identified within seconds of birth.

Animals and Mental Health
Mental health may be defined as a state of well-being and happiness, inner stability, and integration of the soul. The conventional view focuses on the influence of external factors like social support, parental care, upbringing, love, work, and caregiving on the development and maintenance of a normal mind. However, there are many who argue that human mental health may also be shaped by internal factors like body-mind, sensory perception, the like. These influences are called ‘animal instinct’. The reason is simple, animals have developed bodies and minds in similar manners. It is, therefore, true that the way the mind works is the same as the body-mind.

Animals and Music
Both of them are metaphysical experiences: Music and Animals. They have been used throughout history in shamanic rituals, to find their ways or good luck. In the caves or secluded places, the ancient Maya used music to contact the spirits. Music is something so intuitive and natural that most people don’t think about the role it plays in our daily life, its effects, and its practical uses. We should consider that music affects our brain directly. Because when you’re listening to music, you lose yourself in it and other factors – such as time and place – disappear.

We are still searching for nature and nature is still searching for us. — Albert Einstein Natures’ creative capacity can only be harnessed by a synergy between two evolving entities. Our intuition is the basis of our social interactions and for years we have been trying to understand the psychology behind it. Can we really take it for granted? Are we just being too naive? Should we put more energy into attaining an understanding of our true nature? Do animals dream? In the last few years, animal behaviorists have begun to examine dreams and it has been reported that animals experience dreaming in the same way we do. They assume that dreams allow animals to experience emotions and feelings we think humans experience.


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