Amber Monkey Troop: Name of The Monkey Member in This Group

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Amber Monkey Troop

Amber Monkey Troop: Name of The Monkey Member in This Group

Amber Monkey Troop

Eugene – King First King

Harold – King Second king

Krabby – Strong male

King Kong – Invader

Donkey – Friends king kong

Aesop – help king kong

Vinnie – Vinnie ear cut monkey

Queen – mom Alpha Female 2017-Princcess,Solo 01-12-18 (M) Quinton

Jade – mom – Amber (F) Micah 24-11-17 (M)(F) Julina (F) Jinx 10-02-20

Daisy – mom Alpha Female2018 – April, May (F) Rey 10-12-17 (M) Dax

April – mom Rain (M), Spring (F), Alex, Asia

Diamon – mom – Amy (F) Nanda 03-02-18 David, Dustin

Bonita – mom – Anita (F) Danita (F)

Scarlet – mom – Rojo ( M ) Sean (M) Sami

Gladdis – mom – Elvis (M) Stoney 01-26-18(M) George, Gavin

Rosa – mother – Holly (F. Red) 2-01-18(M

Selly – mom – Dara (M), Vivi(F) Vino 02-15-18(M).

Elsa – mom – Angel 01-10-18(F) Kelly Ellen

Cara – mom

Violet – mom – Lily (F) Loni 01-15-18 (F) Viola, Vikki

Romeo – male – funny monkey


Dakota Duchess – Kidnapper, Duke

Penelope – mother – Piper – Peter (M).

Brianna – mom – Briget (F) Bronco (M) 03-12-17 Bronx, Baron

Teresa – Grandma – Briget adopt Danita

Butter – mom – Buttercup, Bellina F(1-17-18 Bottom

June – mom – Daro

Jane – mom – Tarzanna (F)(F) Janet, Janna

Skippy – male-monkey stay two group

Chewie – Male – Monkey who does not fear to come to sit on a seller for food

Mona – mom – Luna 28-12-17(F)

Amber (), Barbi, Bevin – Blacky – Young monkey care Amber (), Amber

Rose – baby pigtail dog bite – Rex 06-30-20

Tonto – Male

The New Invader


Loki – Big Boss

Marx – Captian

Roy – Helper – Rollroyce

Sankra – Small white male

Santra – Santra is a skinny tall male who follows the donkey

Luka – Skinny man with Amber friend Sankra release from soldier

Rolex – Rolex – Pet monkey droops in pagoda 15-9-2020

Rex Jinx Jody Anya Brandi Astra Braven Brisco Saki Princeton Pepper Vienna Lighten = 14 babies at the end of 2020-2021 (updated 02/28/2021).


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