Amari Monkey Troop: Name of the monkeys in this group

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Amari Monkey Troop

Amari Monkey Troop: Name of the monkeys in this group

Amari Monkey Troop

Donald – King Lost

Brutus – Male King died. Skippy is the new king of 2019

Felix – Male Tumo

Marcus – Male Help Brutus

Achap – Mafia Invader

Amari – mother Alpha female -Jill(F),Jace (M),Jack(M) Lori 14-12-17 (F)

Merry – mom- Joey (M.Sherri 02-06-18(F. Maci)

Dolly – mom DeeDee (F.Sweetie) -01-10-18(F. Dalton)

Tima – mom – Heather (F) Timo (M)

Popeye – mom Olive (M.SweetPea) (M.Polly30-05-18 (F) Polino


Maria – mom – Kari (F) Aiden 02-24-18 Maddix, Mia ( Mira F)

Ashley – mom

Chimo – Long face

Lucy – an old Monkey

Sasha – Kidnapper -Jessie 12-21-17 (F)

Caesar – Small One eye Male

Drew – Small (M).

Dana – Dana – Dana 02-25-18 (F) (M) Daniela

Jill – dau-Amri – Brutus Jr (n-04-08-18M), Jilla , ( M – Jason)

DeeDee – ( Delena F. ) ( DeidraF. )

2021 Sankra fighting Amari Group to be king, due to this very small he cannot come here easily


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