7 Animals That Could Be the Next (Great) World Domination

7 Animals That Could Be the Next Great World Domination

Animal #1The Lion
The Lion is the King of Beasts and the most popular king amongst all the animals. For hundreds of years, Lion has been known to be the king of the jungle, therefore, people think they have to behave accordingly and respect its place. This however doesn’t mean that they don’t have their independence, it just means they let everyone around them do what they need to do for their needs. Source: Dreamtime Animal #2The Tiger The tiger is the biggest cat living today. They are fast and extremely strong in nature. The tiger has a very strong temper and has the most amazing abilities in the animal kingdom. It’s hard to believe but the tiger is also the most vengeful animal, thus, it’s hard to enter its territory.

Animal #2The Gorilla
It looks like our world is not safe anymore. Just recently, a baby gorilla fell off its mother’s back and was then picked up by a zoo-goer and he was then taken to the hospital. So, it looks like there is a gorilla apocalypse coming soon and we don’t even know. Animal #3The Elephant the Elephant has so many perks in the game world and one of the main ones is when you deal damage to an enemy player and they are then knocked away, but there is an interesting bonus to the elephant when you deal damage to an enemy that it is a one in 1,000,000 chance that it will drop an item into the game world.

Animal #3The Tiger
A perfectly balanced diet and exercise will help you transform your body and mind. The Tiger is one of the strongest animals in the world. It is known as one of the strongest animals in the world and it is much stronger than any other living thing. Tigers have an impressive level of natural human intelligence. Tigers have been known to communicate with their owners through hand signals. When an animal is this close to extinction. While there are only 1,890 tigers left, tigers still have the potential to rule the world. Animal #4Cheetah the tiger is close to extinction and the cheetah population is at just 3,100. The cheetah is an African animal and its top speed is from 60 km/h to 90 km/h. Cheetahs were previously considered a great danger to human beings.

Animal #4The Chameleon
The Chameleon, in my opinion, is one of the best animals on this list. First of all, they are small and soft and easily change the color of their skin. Chameleon skin is simply too amazing that it could capture your attention. Their coloring can range from black to various shades of green. But they are also able to change their skin into different shapes. For example, you can see the image above that shows a three-eyed snake that is shaped like a chameleon. This could be the start of the next species that will rule the world. Animal #5The Zombie Cat the Zombie Cat could one of the world’s next favorite pets. The Zombie Cat (or ZC) is a cat with one red eye, a floating left ear, and a spine of uncertain origin. I would like to have one.


Animal #5The Shark
We all are aware that the mighty and savage shark can devour its prey whole. But the fact is that this creature has a huge variety of foods, like fish, squid, octopus, and many others. The shark is the closest to humans. In fact, it is termed an apex predator. The shark population around the globe is increasing all the time, making the creature very intelligent and dangerous. However, it is still unclear whether this creature would be able to survive in the world without a large prey. Animal #6Whale the largest creature of our earth, the humpback whale is not just considered as one of the largest species of aquatic mammals, it also is considered as one of the deadliest animals on this planet. As the whale can eat anything it can, including a whole cow.

Animal #6The Lion
Some experts believe the world’s population will be 6 to 8 billion by 2050, with a billion more in the next 50 years. Source: worldwildlife.org Theoretically, it’s easy for humans to raise the required population. But it’s not so easy for the rest of the species on the planet. And sadly, nature can be so brutal that many animal species and their habitats will need to move elsewhere in the world. Source: original.Nottingham. ac.The UK Perhaps this is where animals like lions come in. They are great at protecting their own species, and many scientists think that by acting like this, they could do the same for the future of the planet.

Animal #7The Narwhal
The Narwhal was a ferocious sea mammal that is usually covered with a spiral tusk on its head. These tusks were likely used for hunting and to avoid getting shot. In modern times, we see the narwhal on boats and that could suggest that narwhal has become a very successful maritime animal. It is estimated that narwhal is responsible for 90 percent of Arctic cod biomass. 5. Giant Panda the Giant Panda is known as one of the closest living relatives to humans. They are most known for their soft fur and cute appearance. The Giant Panda is a species of bears and one of the largest on the planet.


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