10 Foods That Make You Feel Full

10 Foods That Make You Feel Full

10 Foods That Make You Feel Full

Everybody is a foodie and food loves to be enjoyed. Everybody enjoys it, but the very rich cannot eat much good quality food. If you want to stay fit and healthy, take a deep thought about food. Food is the most important part of our diet because food contains a huge amount of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, and calories and it also gives us energy and nutrients to our body. That is why you cannot imagine how important it is for health and weight control. What Is Food, It Is Good for Your Health? Food is also called fuel for your body and if you don’t eat much food, you will die faster. So, you will need food in every need. What Are the Types of Food? There are many types of food and some of them are cooked while some are raw.

The importance and benefits of food
Food is of vital importance for our body in any situation. There are lots of benefits that it gives us that most people don’t know about. It is very essential for our body as it can restore energy after a hard day’s work. A healthy heart and lungs can be benefited. The food that you eat can help you to build strong bones and teeth. Even, if you are suffering from allergies and a heart problem, it is better to eat good food. Also, it can help you to stay healthy in old age. Facts about foods that help in recovery in this article, I will tell you about the importance and benefits of food and disadvantages of food which is harmful to health Why we should eat a food? There are many reasons why we should eat certain food.


The disadvantages of food
Toxic Effects of food can harm the health of the body. Most of the foods eaten in developed countries contain toxicity which can be harmful to the body. A decrease in the blood concentration of potassium, calcium, and sodium in the body can affect the kidney, heart, and nervous system. Food that is high in salt and has a high sugar content can trigger the sugar crisis. Natural food benefits Natural food is better than other food. The food which is natural will control the blood sugar. The foods which are rich in magnesium have no side effects. A balanced diet can be good for health. A portion of natural food can lower cholesterol levels and protect the heart. The polyphenols present in food are good for heart health.

So, let me conclude my article with some health tips, which are used to live healthily. If you have any information or advice regarding diet or weight reduction, then please feel free to write in. Shobha Shukla, CNS (Citizen News Service) (Shobha Shukla is the Managing Editor of CNS (Citizen News Service) and has written extensively on health and women’s issues.


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